United Kingdom Trade & Investment

United Kingdom Trade & Investment

Stem Cell Research Symposium

The United Kingdom charged Vagus with the challenge of garnering press for the world’s first ever stem cell research collaboration between two world leaders – the U.K. and the U.S. The symposium was held in Madison, Wisconsin and included a press conference with Wisconsin’s Governor Doyle.


  • 23 TV stories including FOX-TV, WMTV, WKOW
  • 5 print stories including Associated Press, Biotechnology Healthcare, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Badger Herald
  • 59 Internet stories MSNBC, Forbes, Business Week, The Washington Post
  • Coverage was international including the U.K., India and Canada
  • All stories were positive. All positioned the U.K. as a leader in stem cell research and the spokespeople as the best in their field. Stories also mentioned the support of Governor Doyle and the impact of U.S./U.K. collaboration on stem cell research.

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