My Love Affair With Maison by Jenny Fischer

I love to get together with friends and family at home. My husband, Dean, and I have been hosting Christmas Day for at least 20 guests for many years and have recently taken on Easter. It is our pleasure to plan and cook for those special days. During the rest of the year I love the planning, the guest list, the invitations and preparing my home. It’s the shopping, cooking and clean up that doesn’t excite me. Maison to the rescue!
One of the Maison chefs helps plan the menu with as little or much input as you like. They do a home visit to check out your kitchen, determine rental needs and make suggestions regarding set up. The day of the event the chef arrives with staff and you just relax and enjoy the party. One of the best parts is the clean up. Your kitchen and home will be restored to perfect order when the party ends.
During the past 3 years we have hosted 7 Maison events. The first was a buffet style wedding party at the Glen Ellyn boathouse for our son and his wife. We’ve had a bridal shower, 2 intimate dinner parties, lunch after a memorial service, a surprise birthday party and most recently a casino birthday party to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. Our house is not big or fancy but Maison fits us as well as it would in a more formal setting. They are the perfect partner for entertaining. The food is delicious, the staff is amazing and they can work with a variety of budgets.
And so goes my love affair with Maison.

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